The Box Office

The “Box Office” is funded by Sported and works in partnership with Thai Boxing Club, Croydon Drop In.

The aim of the project is to build stronger communities by reducing crime and anti social behaviour amongst disadvantaged Young people between the ages of 11 to 25 years, thereby developing confidence in them with skills for workplace and life.

“The Box Office” starts with a 4 week introductory programme featuring opportunity to participate in multi sport, education, IT, Thai boxing, social networking, developing employment skills and healthy eating that will be delivered by volunteers and  staff members of Thai Boxing club, Croydon Drop In initially available 2 days per week. Temporary and permanent membership will be given to those who commit to being coached by Thai Boxing Club and to being of good behaviour along with a minimum monthly membership fees.

Becoming a Contender

This project will identify and make contact with a group of young
people both male and female in order to initiate a group to be known
as “The Contenders” who will be trained to become the Community Voice
of the Thai Boxing Community Centre/ Box Office and who, in return,
will be required to participate as ambassadors in the Box Office’s
outreach service.

At the end of this project we anticipate that
members of the group will have achieved a Level 2 Award in effective
Listening Skill(ELSK-L2) and a level 1 qualification in Multi-Sport