Thai Boxing Community Centre was established in June 2009 with the vision of helping community members in particular the young, through martial arts to be sufficiently socially equipped and adjusted to contribute to society and to have respect for themselves and others.

The increasing levels of criminal activities and general public disorder on our streets and in our neighbourhood are, for the majority of the time, perpetrated by our young adults due to poor choices. Some of the key contributing factors are drug/alcohol related, unemployment, inadequate community facilities, truancy leading to poor education, mental illness, family breakdown/domestic violence/neglect/abuse, behavioural problems, poor health, poor self esteem/confidence – this is not a conclusive list.

These negative factors builds a cycle in which the individual often find hard to break without help. Recognizing these factors, the Thai Boxing Community Centre was established as we believe everyone can still fulfill their full potential if given the opportunity, guidance, support, acceptance, love and a safe place in which to develop.

Many start off badly in life but with the right source of help can change in many positive ways achieving great things. Muay Thai is an excellent way in promoting what this charity aspires to achieve because of its holistic approach in disciplining, conditioning, building self esteem and confidence in individuals

What the community says...

Being the first time I ever tried a kickboxing lesson I was a bit unsure and out of place, but everyone was so welcome and helpful and fun that any doubts I had were soon put to the side.

Its fantastic that these projects are available for the community and has possibly given me a new hobby.



Zoom Session

I attended the Thai boxing community Centre in south Norwood recreation ground.

It was a life saver for me. This was the middle of the lockdown. My fitness improved rapidly within a few sessions. Kru Sam really built me up. I was going daily it was a great outlet and way to stay fit in a very difficult and challenging time.

My mental health improved. My whole mindset was transformed. I am more confident fitter healthier and happier and I made some great friends while training.

It is an amazing community of people that I am truly blessed to have.


Max Auer
Park Sessions

I really enjoyed the junior online sessions with Kru Sam during the lockdown period. It made me stay focused and active.

The classes were effective and I have learned some new Muay Thai techniques. We thank Kru Sam for his hard work and his support he showed us during this difficult time.

Thank you Master Kru!


Park Sessions


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