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Outdoor Park Sessions

This offer is strictly for 18+ and for all genders

Park Sessions New Flyer July 2020

*Please note: TBCC offer group sessions with up to 5 people with the instructor. Please contact TBCC directly for more information.

*New to combat fitness training, don't worry, we have a class for you.

During these challenging times, its important to stay fit and healthy and to remain positive throughout the COVID-19 lockdown.

Here at TBCC, we decided that we wanted to ensure our community felt like they mattered and that they are supported and offering these online classes, we feel this is how we can show our support to the community we love.

Park Sessions New Flyer July 2020

Application Form

*Please note that upon approval of your application, a payment link will be sent out to you to pay for your sessions. A percentage of the proceeds will go to the TBCC charity.

All participants agree to following rules of non contact social distance training
Participants will attend sessions already in gear and must bring in their own protective gear & equipment and follow all hygien rules
participants confirm that they are attending sessions and private session at their own choice
Participants will protect themselves, coach / instructor & other participants by ensuring they will only attend sessions when well and symptom free and agree to follow goverment advice if they develope symtoms at any point.
I declare that I have no pre - existing medical condition (s) / illness(es) / allergies that could affect me attending sessions. If neccasary I will obtain medical clearance from my GP before attending sessions.
We may be taking photos and footages of all attending our sessions. They will be used to promote the work of TBCC. I do give / do not give TBCC media consent. Please state which.

For project donations, call 07874184383

Support Us!

As a charity we welcome and accept charitable donations of any amount. Help us to serve the community. Thank you for your support!

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