Right 2 Be Me

Is an exciting new project funded by the Clothworker’s Foundation. The project will provide a range of opportunities for young people to become engaged in a range of after school and school holiday activities.

The aim of the project is to provide young people with opportunities that will keep them healthy by taking part in regular exercise and self defence sessions as well as the opportunity to create a CV or learn to use computer basics. With support from the Foundation young people will have access to an IT suite where they can catch up on their home work or look for work, education and volunteering opportunities.

The Centre is currently looking for Volunteers who can provide IT training as well as classes on business start up for more information on this exciting project contact.


This project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, will be delivered over a
12 week period. It will include workshops on building self confidence,
developing leadership skills and role play.
Support will be given by a group of mentors to assist the young people
participating to look at meaningful activities. The project is running
from the end of June to mid September.


This project commenced in March and ran for 10 weeks ending in May. The project was supported by Croydon Voluntary Action (CVA) New Routes Grant. Again the target group were young men and women between the ages of 13-25 years with particular focus on those who are involved or on the verge of getting involved with the criminal justice system. We were able to capture a larger group by increasing the number of Muay Thai training sessions per week to three times per week with 10 students per class.

Out of the group, 8 students were selected to attend a Leadership OCN accredited course for 8 weeks. This course has helped to equip them with skills to assist them to be able to take part in the wider community life more positively.


Thai Boxing Community Centre now presents currently running project Empowerment funded by Grassroots Grants. This is the continuation of the recently completed project Change and will be running over 14 weeks.
The key emphasis of this project is to target young people between 16 -23 years and particularly those who are not in employment, education or training, to attend free Muay Thai training sessions on Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm. Eight individuals out of the group will be given the opportunity to also attend Peer Mentoring training, this will be held on a Saturday morning.

We are gradually creating a small team of peer mentors who will be able to provide the much needed support to the young people using the service.

Fighting Fit Programme

(15-25 year olds)

This was a 10 week programme directed at disadvantaged youths ages 15yrs to 25yrs both male and females. The Programme uses specialised routines to help participants improve their health and fitness by burning fat while increasing strength, muscle tone, flexibility, co-ordination and self-defence ability. The programme is a very different type of fitness regime, designed to be fun, fulfilling and endearing in establishing good health and nutrition practices for the future.

It took participants at various levels of fitness and ages through a regime that included fitness training and thai boxing sparring. Participants were trained the rudiments of thai boxing and were shown how to box without injury. The sessions were intensive and the accelerated learning and training resulted in the participants noticing an improvement after every session!

The programme was a success and a positive challenge. We are currently looking at ways at keeping them engaged with TBCC. The programme was funded through the National Lottery.

The Box Office

The “Box Office” is funded by Sported and works in partnership with Thai Boxing Club, Croydon Drop In.

The aim of the project is to build stronger communities by reducing crime and anti social behaviour amongst disadvantaged Young people between the ages of 11 to 25 years, thereby developing confidence in them with skills for workplace and life.

“The Box Office” starts with a 4 week introductory programme featuring opportunity to participate in multi sport, education, IT, Thai boxing, social networking, developing employment skills and healthy eating that will be delivered by volunteers and  staff members of Thai Boxing club, Croydon Drop In initially available 2 days per week. Temporary and permanent membership will be given to those who commit to being coached by Thai Boxing Club and to being of good behaviour along with a minimum monthly membership fees.


Project Change

This project will experiment with new approaches in addressing the needs of young people who are disadvantage, including those who are excluded from school and those at risk of or getting involved in crime.

It will provide monitoring and befriending workshop for 6 weekends’ to train 20 mentors/ befrienders with the intention to form a team of mentors and befrienders who will have regular meeting with the police and will look at ways of working together and sharing resources to support young people away from crime. This project commences from April 2012 until March 2013.

It will work in partnership with a group of trained volunteers that will work with the third sector, the police, Corydon voluntary sector, the probation services and local business.

Becoming a Contender

This project will identify and make contact with a group of young
people both male and female in order to initiate a group to be known
as “The Contenders” who will be trained to become the Community Voice
of the Thai Boxing Community Centre/ Box Office and who, in return,
will be required to participate as ambassadors in the Box Office’s
outreach service.

At the end of this project we anticipate that
members of the group will have achieved a Level 2 Award in effective
Listening Skill(ELSK-L2) and a level 1 qualification in Multi-Sport


This community project will provide workshop presentation and problem-based activities for black and ethnic minority parents aged between 30- 50yrs to engage with their children’s education, promoting involvement and academic achievement.

The second part of the project will be delivering workshops on cardiovascular diseases and fitness programmes to encourage physical exercises for the BME community. This will enable beneficiaries to be informed on heart diseases and encourage parents to improve their lifestyles.

 Young Gifted and Drifted

Thai Boxing Community Centre has been successful in receiving a grant from the Home Office to work with young people involved or in danger of becoming involved in ant social behaviour in Croydon.

The project will aim to find ways to engage the client group in meaningful activity and by so doing create more active citizens.

There will be opportunities to volunteer as part of the project delivery, become a mentor to young people, if you have a skill and you wish to share that with the community give the project a call and we will try and see how we can work with you.

If you are a parent or a young person and you wish to become engaged with the project e-mail Sam at   info@thaiboxingcommunitycentre.com

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